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Club Incense

 Order Herbal Highs and let the Party begin

In Berlin herbal incense enjoys much popularity in the local club-scene. More and more people want to order herbal highs to burn them on electro parties. Black Buds Inc. Herbal Highs are suitable for clubbing. Because of their legality they are excellent for use in public spaces, such as in a club or a disco.

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Herbal Incense on techno party - the perfect setting

Why Black Buds Incense is so popular in the party scene? Because the heady fragrance of these herbs matches perfectly to the special party feeling of real clubbers. Forget Jägermeister and Co. - the new party booster is Black Buds Herbal Incense!

Effects of Herbal Highs when you're already in a great party mood

Everyone has already heard the rumors that herbal liquor (like Jägermeister) enhances certain moods in the club. Now another rumor making the rounds: Clean Herbal Incense made by Black Buds Inc. reacts with the released endorphins and intensify their effects. A new scent is on the dance floors of Berlin - it smells like Black Buds Inc. Herbal Highs!

Legal and High with Herbal Incense

The special feature of Black Buds Incense is the legality of these herbal highs. No longer risk that a bouncer kicks you out of the club,  ​​because he believes that he has seen or smelled something forbidden.Order herbal highs, kratom and herbal incense now in the shop.

keep clean - get high! 

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