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Herbal Incense - blends

Herbal Incense in the shape of Legal Highs or Herbal Highs. Selected blends of smokable herbs, oils, flavours and resins. Excellent compositions of psychoactive herbs let you dream by burning these Herbal Incense Blends.

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Black Buds Inc. CannaBizz - Herbal Solid Extract Blend (5g)

CannaBizz - Herbal Solid Extract Blend (5g)

Get Herbal Incense Resin | Solid Smoke with Kanna Extract     CannaBizz (5g) Finest herbal solid with strong Kanna Extract (Sceletium tortuosum). Get this herbal incense blend now and feel the relaxing effects. Special...

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Black Buds Inc. Crop Shot - Herbal Incense Blend (10g)

Crop Shot - Herbal Incense Blend (10g)

Natural Herbal Incense Blend: Crop Shot is a 100% natural Herbal Incense Blend without chemical additives.   It has calming effects and makes a good mood. Shamanic herbs and resins with a great flavour contain relaxing...

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Black Buds Inc. Happy Slump (4g)

Happy Slump (4g)

Herbal Smoke | Smokable Herbs | Legal Buds Mix Happy Slump (4g) Contents: LeonurineMuscarin AporphineApomorphineNucipherine and many more Happy Slump is a colorful Herbal Incense blend with different legal buds and a sweet...

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Black Buds Inc. Shaman's Journey (5g)

Shaman's Journey (5g)

  Herbal Incense | Herbal Smoke Blend | Legal Buds | Legal Highs Shaman’s Journey (5g) Contents: ApomorphineStachydrineMuscimole LeonurinePremarrubiine and many more Shaman’s Journey is an Herbal Incense blend with a...

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Black Buds Inc. Bud Oueed's Blend (5g) +5g FOR FREE = 10g

Bud Oueed's Blend (5g) +5g FOR FREE = 10g

New! Herbal Incense Blend without any additives: Each herbal incense package contains 5g Bud Oueed's Blend +5g for free. Chemical free herbal incense blend!  

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Black Buds Inc. Vanilla Pollen - Herbal Solid (5g)

Vanilla Pollen - Herbal Solid (5g)

Get Herbal Hash legal | Herbal Solid Resin This Herbal Solid Incense Blend has a smooth vanilla flavoring. It contains the resin, oil and extract of a plant, which belongs to the botanical family Cannabaceae (hemp), the same like...

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Black Buds Inc. Process 7.3 (5g)

Process 7.3 (5g)

Get new Herbal Incense Blends! This new Black Buds Incense is an Herbal Blend with refreshening effects. Its fragrance is fresh and intensive. This Herbal Incense Blend is a Potpourrie for advanced users. Active Agents: ...

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Black Buds Inc. Alert Dope! (5g)

Alert Dope! (5g)

Herbal Highs with Thai Pimps Kratom and Ephedrine : Alert Dope (5g)Contents: MitragynineLeonurine and many more This stimulating Herbal Kratom Blend brings freshness to your mind. Sida Cordifolia – legal Ephedrine kicks with...

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Black Buds Inc. Golden Vanilla Pollen (5g)

Golden Vanilla Pollen (5g)

This product isn't produced anymore. Please order here the new Vanilla Pollen Incense Resin instead: Get Legal Hash and Herbal Solid Incense Resin Buy Herbal Highs | Order Legal Hash Resin Golden Vanilla Pollen (5g) Contents:...

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